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Novum APR™ Advance Pain Relief
FDA Approved!



NOVUM APR™ Spray is a fast acting, effective pain-relief spray with a unique blend of soothing ingredients including Eucalyptus Oil, well known for its remarkable deep penetrating and pain-relief properties.  It has a soft, pleasant fragrance and is recommended for sore tired muscles and aching joints, after workouts, or any strenuous activity.

Advance Pain Relief Spray

Because of its convenient spray-on application, there is no need to rub it in and therefore - NO MESS.  NOVUM APR™ Spray contains no harsh chemicals and is a blend of natural ingredients including Isopropyl Alcohol, Oxygenated Water, Methyl Salicilate, Eucalyptus Oil, and Menthol. Now with a convenient upside down sprayer!

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Novum APR is the Improved version of Muscle Wonder. Now even more effective with a new name!


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